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Slip and Skid Resistance Testing


As part of our more specialised services, we offer Slip and Skid Resistance Testing. Slip or Skid Testing can identify potential hazards to staff and customers alike from poorly maintained floors, or indeed newly laid floor surfaces, before they lead to expensive personal injury claims. Trained GT Certification staff can provide in-situ measurements of skid resistance using a TRRL Pendulum Tester, designed to measure the scale of resistance (the PTV, or Pendulum Test Value) of any surface that is likely to be walked or driven on.


This range of tests may also fall under the remit of Health and Safety accident prevention and as such be of great value to a number of professional bodies such as Solicitors, Loss Adjustors, Insurance Companies, Engineering Companies as well as Local Authorities, all of whom may have cause to investigate accidents or failures.


A brief overview of this service is as follows:


  • In situ slip / skid testing


  • A TRRL Pendulum Tester measures the scale of resistance of the given surface.


  • The Pendulum Tester calculates the Pendulum Test Value (PTV) of any surface likely to be walked or driven on.


  • Invaluable in accident investigation / prevention


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