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Diamond Drill Coring Service


GT Certification Ltd offers a specialist UKAS accredited Diamond Drill Coring Service as an ancillary service to our nationwide onsite fresh concrete sampling service, carried out by the same fully trained concrete site technicians. In this instance we attend sites at a client’s specific request to take a core sample of any established, finished floor or other concrete structure, which has been in situ for more than 28 days, in order to determine the compressive strength, density and cement content of the floor or structure.


In addition to cores we take onsite using our own team of technicians, we can also carry out independent tests from a core taken by the client and supplied directly to our laboratory. Once the core is received at the laboratory and has been saturated and crushed, the compressive strength and density will be calculated and, where required, the cement content can be analysed. Once these tests have been carried out in our laboratory, the results will be reported within 5 working days in a certificate format, which is UKAS accredited to BS EN 12504-1 : 2009.


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