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Concrete Sampling and Testing



Within its Construction Section, GT Certification boasts a vast diversity of services and a wealth of technical expertise, servicing many of the UK’s major construction and industrial flooring companies. GT Certification’s Laboratory Services are UKAS accredited for the testing of the compressive strength and density of concrete, with results available on the day of testing. 


A nationwide fleet of highly trained site technicians travel all over the UK, sampling fresh concrete and making cubes in situ, as well as carrying out on-site tests such as ‘slump’ tests and air entrainment measurements. Their work also entails the transportation of all samples to GT Certification’s in-house laboratory, where they are placed in 

curing tanks within 24 hours of being made and strictly temperature controlled over the period of curing.


After curing, BS EN 12390 recognised tests are carried out on cubes for compressive strength and density at regular intervals; flexure tests are carried out on beams; and Coring Services accredited for concrete testing to BS EN 12504-1. All measurements are carried out to rigorous procedures, and both British and European Standards are adhered to. Click here to view our up-to-date UKAS Testing Schedule. 


The laboratory provides a comprehensive range of construction testing and services, spanning the following:



  • The following tests are UKAS accredited as per UKAS Schedule of Accreditation Testing Lab 2478:

  • On site fresh concrete sampling and cube and beam making to BSEN12350-1:2009 & BSEN12390-2:2009

  • Slump tests to BSEN12350-2:2009


  • Air entrainment test to BSEN12350-7:2009


  • Fibre counts to BSEN14721:2005+A1:2007


  • Density and Compressive strength testing to BSEN 12390-7:2009 & BSEN 12390-3:2009

  • Sampling of concrete by coring and examining and testing in compression of Cored specimens to BSEN 12504-1:2009 


  • Transverse flexure testing to BSEN12390 Parts 2 & 5: 2009


  • Quality assurance record keeping 


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