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GT Certification is a highly acclaimed specialist calibration and testing laboratory, specialising in the calibration of force and torque instruments, with an excellent reputation for quality of service, reliability and traceability, with over 25 years of experience in this niche sector. The laboratory holds current UKAS Accreditation for a wide range of torque and force equipment and carries out work in compliance with ISO, EN and BS specifications, and can offer tailor-made solutions to individual companies’ needs. All calibrations are traceable to UK National Standards. Click here to view our UKAS Schedule of Accreditation in full. 



GT Certification’s laboratory provides a range of torque measurement from 0.001 N.m to 2,500 N.m. Calibrations can be carried out in units other than the S.I. units above. The Laboratory provides a comprehensive range of calibration services for the following torque instruments:



  • Torque Wrenches to BS EN ISO 6789-2:2017 &                             BS EN ISO 6789:2003



  • Torque Drivers and Spanners to BS EN ISO 6789:2003



  • Pneumatic & Electric Torque Tools (in house procedure due to no current standard)



  • Torque Closure Meters to BS 7882:2017



  • Torque Calibration Analysers to BS 7882:2017



  • Mechanical & Static Torque Meters to BS 7882:2017



  • Torque Testing Machines (Britool 8000 machines) to BS 7882:2017



  • Electrical Torque Meters (Hios & Desoutter) to BS 7882:2017



  • Electrical Torque Transducers (Static & Rotary) by Beam and Weights or comparison with reference transducer to BS 7882:2017






The laboratory offers calibration of force equipment within a range of 0.01 Newton to 2,700 Newton, using deadweight masses, and from 500 Newton to 100,000 Newton, and in certain cases 3,000 KNewton, using hydraulic load systems. The laboratory provides a comprehensive range of calibration services for the following Force instruments:


  • Mechanical & Digital Force Gauges (in house procedure)


  • Plunger Dynamometers (in house procedure)


  • Spring Balances (in house procedure)


  • Cable Tensiometers (in house procedure)


  • Lift Door Plunger Gauges (in house procedure)


  • Hydraulic Load Cells to BS EN 10002-3


  • Electrical Strain Gauges to BS EN 10002-3


  • Tension Gauges to BS EN 10002-3


  • Dynamometers to BS EN 10002-3


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