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Abrasion Testing


As well as its nationwide concrete sampling and testing services, GT Certification also offers a range of more specialised services, ranging from Abrasion Resistance Testing, Slip and Skid Resistance Testing, to Adhesion Testing. These additional services are offered to clients wishing to guarantee the wear and durability of the finished project, as well as the quality. This range of tests may also fall under the remit of Health and Safety accident prevention. 


Abrasion Resistance Testing, or Wear Testing, determines the depth of wear of a hardened concrete surface to simulate the effect of fork lift trucks, trolleys and general vehicular traffic, within the norms expected of that particular finished floor. The abrasion resistance value (AR) is assessed by senior GT Certification technicians using Concrete Abrasion Test Apparatus, which measures to an accuracy of 0.01 mm, using a classification which complies with the British Standard BS8204-2:2003+A2:2011 and follows the method set out in BS EN 13892-4:2002. GT Certification was granted UKAS accreditation for Resistance to Abrasion Testing in September 2007.


A brief overview of this service is as follows:

  • Abrasion/Wear Tests performed using specialist Concrete Abrasion Test Apparatus


  • Traffic simulation tests carried out on finished floor surface


  • Assessment carried out of abrasion resistance value (AR) to accuracy of 0.01mm


  • Tests comply with the British Standard, BS 8204-2003+A2:2011


  • The test method follows BS EN 13892-4:2002


  • UKAS accredited for Resistance to Abrasion Testing since September 2007


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